Politics and nature conservation in Ireland….where next?

The next blog will be on this topic and I am happy to take contributions!!! It seems to me that nature conservation has been lurking around the periphery of mainstream politics in the last few years and occasionally is brought into the party like introducing an estranged old uncle who everyone recognises and sort-of-knows but does not want to sit next to at the dinner table as they tend not to be a vote winner.

This Friday sees Ireland go to the polls. Apart from turf cutting and flooding- are there any tangible environmental issues that politicians really see as being important (important = a vote decider). There are plenty of people who will not want to see the Heritage Bill 2016 resurrected by the next Government as it appeared messy, poorly thought out, absolutely unnecessary and most of all a backwards step in terms of preserving a unique aspect of the Irish countryside. But is there any political party apart from the Greens who actually have proposed positive environmental changes? Oh yes and the Greens- they are promoting the Dodder Greenway – that’s the topic of another blog for another day!