Greens sprout back at last….

If the General Election had been 3 weeks later then the Green Party could have cut their advertising costs considerably as the whole of the Country would have been decked out in their Party colours on St Patrick’s Day. But in South Dublin they didn’t need that type of a shamrockery leg-up. The determination and hard graft paid off for Catherine Martin and Eamon Ryan as they have been elected to the Dail.  Whilst small in number it represents an important message to the other parties that the green vote is still out there and strong enough to oust political heavyweights in the capital. As ecological consultants, one may expect that we have leanings toward the Greens but we are always keen to maintain our independent stance on all things political and even the Greens don’t get it right all the time. One only had to look at reference to promoting walking and cycling in the GP manifesto (including the magical Dodder Greenway- which needs to make sure that it does not destroy that which it intends to protect) to see that the candidates needed a rapid wake up call to the realities of development, environmental impacts and the systems in place to manage both. Since the Scott Cawley office is nicely sandwiched between both of the new TD’s constituencies we hope to meet with them both to give them an update on local ecological issues from our point of view, once they mania dies down, whenever that will be.

Maintaining the momentum of their win will be incredibly challenging in the next few weeks. Too small to hold the balance of power and stuck in the mess of a hung Dail and lack of direction as to what kind of Government will  be formed. Eamon and Catherine are going to have to shout loud and clear amongst the clamour of the other TDs battling for attention. There is a real danger that their success will be shadowed by the horse trading and wheeling and dealing that is likely to happen in the next few days.

And as for Sinn Fein lobbying to keep up the turf cutting for domesic home heating….well that is for another day and another blog….