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Scott Cawley ecologists include members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) and therefore abide by the Code of Professional Conduct / Code of Practice for this organisation.  New employees are guided toward full membership as soon as possible and use the CIEEM competency framework to guide their career development. 


Aebhín Cawley, CEnv MCIEEM. ​Managing Director.

Aebhín Cawley is Managing Director with Scott Cawley.  She holds an honours degree in Zoology from Trinity College, Dublin and a postgraduate diploma in Physical Planning at Trinity.  She is a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) with the Society for the Environment (Soc Env) and a Full Member of the CIEEM.  Aebhin Cawley is an experienced ecological consultant with extensive experience in public and private sector projects including renewable energy, ports and other major infrastructural developments.  Aebhín has been undertaking Appropriate Assessment work in Ireland since 2002 and has been influential in determining the direction in which AA work is evolving in Ireland.  She has delivered lectures and training on Appropriate Assessment to a range of organisations and professional institutes (including the Irish Planning Institute, the Irish Environmental Law Association the National Roads Authority, Engineers Ireland and the Royal Town Planning Institute) and provides Appropriate Assessment training to local authorities and other public sector organisations. She also has been Project Director for ecological services for several major transport and infrastructure applications including the M11 Enniscorthy Bypass and is currently managing the ecological aspects of the Galway City Ring Road.

Andrew Speer, MCIEEM, Technical Director.

Andrew holds an honours degree in Zoology from NUI Galway and is currently studying for a Master's degree in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He is a full member of CIEEM. Andrew has many years' experience as an ecological consultant with experience in Environmental Impact Assessment and mitigation design for development projects including national road schemes, wind energy projects, light rail, flood relief schemes, infrastructure projects and smaller scale commercial and residential developments. He has comprehensive experience in the preparation of Appropriate Assessment (AA) Screening Reports and Natura Impact Statements/Reports (NIS/NIR) for a range of projects and land use plans. Andrew has undertaken and managed a wide range of field surveys including protected species surveys (e.g. badger, otter, newts, bats, kingfisher, crayfish and lamprey), bird surveys, habitat surveys and biological and physico-chemical water quality monitoring. He is also an experienced Ecological Clerk of Works for projects such as national road schemes, pipeline works and electricity supply schemes. Andrew has extensive GIS experience on both Autodesk Map 3D, QGIS and ArcGIS platforms. Andrew is currently responsible for project management and field surveying for a variety of large rail and road projects in Ireland as well as several smaller mixed use and residential developments. 


Kate-Marie O’Connor, ACIEEM, ​Senior Ecologist. 

Kate-Marie O’Connor holds an honours degree in Natural Sciences from Trinity College Dublin, specialising in Botany, and obtained a distinction in her Masters in Environmental Modelling, Monitoring and Reconstruction from the University of Manchester. Her experience as an ecological consultant has focused on the preparation of ecological assessments, most frequently for EIA and AA, with all the key elements of those processes including planning for an undertaking ecological baseline surveys, desktop studies, analysis and presentation of data and results, undertaking assessment of impacts and identifying appropriate mitigation measures. She has worked on a range of public and private sector schemes in the UK and Ireland. Kate-Marie has a specialist interest in botany but is also competent in a range of fauna surveys (e.g. mammals including bats and newts). Kate-Marie regularly prepares information for Appropriate Assessment reports, either as lead or co-author, depending on the project requirements.


Maeve Maher-McWilliams, ACIEEM. ​Senior Ecologist.

Maeve holds an honours degree in Biological Sciences from Queens University Belfast and attained a distinction in her Masters in Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology from University of Exeter. She is an Associate member of CIEEM. Maeve has worked in ecological consultancy for over seven years and has worked on a range of large to small scale projects across Ireland and the UK. Maeve’s primary technical specialism is ornithology, however her skills extend to protected mammal and habitat surveys. Her involvement extends from inception to post planning compliance, survey completion, project and survey management, carrying out EcIAs, EIAR Chapters and Appropriate Assessment reports. Maeve has a pragmatic and forward thinking approach in delivering services, while maintaining the highest protection and consideration for ornithological and ecological sensitivities.


Colm Clarke Consultant. ACIEEM. Ecologist. 

Colm Clarke is a Consultant Ecologist with Scott Cawley. He obtained an honours degree in Natural Sciences, with a specialisation in Botany, from Trinity College Dublin, and a Masters in Biodiversity and Conservation from the same institution. Colm is an Associate Member of the CIEEM and is a member and active organiser of field events for the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland and Bat Conservation Ireland. He has four year’s professional experience working in ecology in Ireland and the UK and has worked with clients at both government and private levels. Colm has conducted ecological survey and assessment (Ecological Impact Assessment, Appropriate Assessment and Biodiversity Chapters of Environmental Impact Assessment Reports) of linear infrastructure, residential and industrial projects including. He is experienced assigning habitats to both Phase 1 (Fossitt, 2000) and Phase 2 (Irish Vegetation Community, and EU Annex I) levels, and in the identification of invasive, rare and protected species. Colm also has extensive experience in bat surveys, including long-term surveys of concert events, as well as experience surveying for crayfish, newts, otter, badger and birds.



Caroline Kelly Consultant Ecologist.

Caroline holds an honours degree in Environmental Biology from University College Dublin, and a first class honours Masters in Ecological Assessment from University College Cork. Caroline has experience in habitat survey and assessment in a range of terrestrial, freshwater and coastal environments, bat surveys and surveys for invasive species. She has worked with Wexford County Council where she was involved in a number of projects promoting environmental awareness and biodiversity and in providing reports to inform the Appropriate Assessment process. At Scott Cawley she is currently involved in several complex Ecological Impact Assessments as well as screening reports for Appropriate Assessment. 




Aoife O'Rourke Consultant Ecologist. 

Aoife holds an honours degree in Environmental Biology from University College Dublin and obtained a distinction in her Masters in Biodiversity and Conservation from Trinity College Dublin, she later obtained a Research Master in Pollinator Ecology, also from Trinity College Dublin. Her experience reflects the brevity of her interest in the natural world, spanning marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecology. Aoife worked for 3 years in the UK as Conservation Officer of SW England for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust where she specialised on providing pollinator-specific land management advice to a variety of stakeholders, she was also responsible for managing volunteers, developing projects, and providing bumblebee identification training. At Scott Cawley Aoife’s current work includes monitoring wildlife enhancement measures on Irish farms partaking in the Green Low-Carbon Agri-Environment Scheme (GLAS), Ecological Impact Assessment, Appropriate Assessment, tree and building bat suitability inspections, manual bat call analysis, mammal surveys, bird surveys, invasive plant species surveys, and developing biodiversity training courses. Aoife has a particular interest in invertebrates, botany, and land management for biodiversity.

Lauren Shinkwin Consultant Ecologist.

Lauren holds a first class honours degree in Zoology from University College Dublin, and obtained a distinction in her Masters in Advanced Wildlife Conservation in Practice from the University of the West of England, Bristol. Lauren has professional experience working in a range of terrestrial, fresh water and marine environments in Ireland, the U.K., South Africa, and the U.S.A. Her work has included carrying out habitat surveys, invasive species surveys as well as surveying a wide variety of mammal, bird, reptile and invertebrate species. Since joining Scott Cawley, her work has included preparing AA Screening Reports, Natura Impact Statements and Ecological Impact Assessments for a wide range of projects across Ireland, including tourism, industrial, residential and renewable energy developments.



Shea O' Driscoll Consultant Ecologist. 

Shea holds an honours degree in Zoology from University College Dublin and a Masters in Advanced Wildlife Conservation in Practice from the University of the West of England, Bristol. Shea has professional experience working in South Africa and the United States, as well as more recent experience within Ireland and the UK. He has experience in habitat survey and assessment in a range of terrestrial and aquatic environments, surveys for protected species including otter, bats and badger, he has undertaken a number of ecological clerks of works roles as well as invasive species surveys for public infrastructure works across Ireland. Since joining Scott Cawley, Shea has been project manager on ecological assessments that include PEA, EcIA and AA Screening for a range of projects including tourism, industrial, residential and renewable energy developments.



Laura Higgins Consultant Ecologist.

Laura Higgins holds a first class honours degree in Natural Sciences with a specialisation in Zoology from Trinity College Dublin. Laura is experienced in carrying out a wide range of field surveys in Ireland including wintering birds, habitats, invasive species, bats and other mammals. Other experience includes manual bat call analysis, the use of GIS software, carrying out desktop studies and acting as an Ecological Clerk of Works. Since joining Scott Cawley, her work has involved the preparation of a range of reports, most often Ecological Impact Assessment and Appropriate Assessment reports for residential, commercial and infrastructural projects across the country.

Scott Cawley Panel of Specialists

Note that as well as our permanent team of ecologists, we also draw upon the skills of the best ecological specialists in Ireland. If you want to be appointed to our panel then please email us a CV and cover letter. 


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