The Wildlife Acts provide protection of all wild birds, nests and eggs. In addition, the EC Birds Directive protects specific birds and their habitats and together they form a level of strict protection that warrants a high level of expertise in collecting data and interpreting it for a range of scenarios. 

Scott Cawley Ltd have been undertaking bird surveys for a wide range of impact assessment studies including wind energy developments, coastal developments, recreational and residential schemes. Bird survey expertise and experience is essential when selecting a team of surveyors and our staff have experience of a wide range of habitat scenarios as well as expertise in targeted surveys such as vantage point surveys, hen harrier winter roost surveys, barn owl surveys, breeding bird surveys. All surveys are carried out in accordance with accepted methodologies and guidelines as appropriate. We also draw upon our Panel of Specialists when required to survey for notable species or for particularly complex survey scenarios.

Specific services include:

  • Breeding bird surveys for impact assessment and as pre-construction services;
  • Raptor surveys including hen harrier and barn owl multi-season surveys;
  • Vantage point surveys for wind energy developments;
  • Breeding and overwintering wader and wildfowl surveys. 

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