Terrestrial Mammal

Terrestrial Mammal

Scott Cawley ecologists are trained to Identify the field signs of all of Ireland’s terrestrial mammals, most of which are protected at a national, if not international, level. Surveys are often integrated into Phase 1 habitat surveys to make them more cost-effective but bespoke specialist surveys for badgers, otters, red squirrel and pine marten are often undertaken in their own right. 

Surveyors use their training and experience to identify signs of these species and use the latest mapping and georeferencing techniques to describe the location of the features. Such surveys range in scale from dealing with small domestic badger sett nuisance issues to surveys of major national infrastructure projects for a range of species. Such surveys inform impact assessments and help to design appropriate mitigation measures. Where removal of the features, such as badger setts, is unavoidable, Scott Cawley staff are very experienced at exclusion and removal of setts and otter holts using humane and effective techniques under licence from the National Parks and Wildlife Service. All works are carried out in-house. 

Specific services include: 

  • Surveys to record use of sites by protected mammals;
  • Exclusion of badgers from setts under licence;
  • Exclusion of otters from holts under licence;
  • Advice on mammal-resistant fencing;
  • Long-term monitoring with video surveillance;
  • Artificial refuge (holt/sett) design and construction.

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