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This Week

15th Feb 2017: Temperatures are still mild. Tits and Jackdaws already breeding and any hedgerow removal should be preceded by approporiate surveys to ensure compliance with Wildlife Acts.  HIbernation surveys for bats still valid despite mild days. Early spring woodland flowers already started and frogspawn noted in some sites but main breeding surge does not seem to have started yet.

We are looking for an ECOLOGIST with 1-3 years ecological consultancy experience. Do you have ecological consultancy experience? Are you a MCIEEM member (or eligible to be one)? Know your Festuca from your Fallopia?  Get in touch!!



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Breeding bird chaos in Ireland…… This has probably been one of the worst breeding bird seasons yet in my experience. They are facing an onslaught from Mother Nature, developers wanting to clear sites at the worst time of year and from our Government who tabled a revision to the way our breeding bird habitats are protected………More to follow….
Greens sprout back at last…. If the General Election had been 3 weeks later then the Green Party could have cut their advertising costs considerably as the whole of the Country would have been decked out in their Party colours on St Patrick’s Day. But in South Dublin they didn’t need that type of a shamrockery leg-up. The determination and... Read more >
Politics and nature conservation in Ireland….where next? The next blog will be on this topic and I am happy to take contributions!!! It seems to me that nature conservation has been lurking around the periphery of mainstream politics in the last few years and occasionally is brought into the party like introducing an estranged old uncle who everyone recognises and sort-of-knows but... Read more >
All good things come to those…. The New Year provides an opportunity to draw a line under the previous year, but also look back at it as a nice neat period of time. As an SME manager there is a temptation to blog about the financial facts and figures of 2015 and how good the turnover was, economic recovery etc etc.... Read more >